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Tell football stories that engage the readers and save +50% of your time per article.

Create your articles in 3 easy steps

Infographics make data accessible and memorable. Choose from a 100+ infographic templates and follow these steps to create your own articles. Ready to use automated articles with live content from the world of sports.

1. Choose a template

Pick a your topic and create an article with a customized template

2. Pick the content

Select match, team, player and the article is instantly created with visual data, videos, and more.  

3. Customize and publish

Write text, modify or add widgets, add SoMe content. In minutes, the article is ready to be published. 

Stand out from the crowd.

No time to research, create nice design or find some fun ways to engage your audience?

No worries – our broad range of templates will help you create great visualized & interactive articles fueled by live data & video from the world of sports

How does it work? We guide your through the process

We sort the data

We package the content into widgets

We create article templates

You pick, edit and publish